The Most Challenging Strategy I've Ever Tried

I’ve always been risk adverse.  After earning two business degrees and over a decade in the corporate world, I have been conditioned to avoid risk.  But risk avoidance is also part of my personality.  It is in my DNA.

So that is why I had to attempt the most challenging strategy I have ever tried.

Ducks in a Row

Being risk adverse, I always like to have everything figured out before I attempt something.  I like to know where I am going.  To know what the destination or finish line is like.  This is the way of my rational, detailed mind.

But this is a huge challenge for me as an entrepreneur.

The Way of the Entrepreneur

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have always had the philosophy of “fire, ready, aim” or “shoot first and aim later.”  They don’t worry about having a plan in place as they understand the value of action.  Action starts to build momentum that can be adjusted once it has begun.  But without having a map or even knowing there is an actual destination.

And this is why it has been so challenging for me - as a risk adverse and detailed person - to implement my current strategy.

My Most Challenging Strategy

I have been working to build an online platform for several years now, but have not been able to make much progress as I was waiting to get my ducks in a row before I fully committed.  I wanted to know my full strategy - what is my niche and what do I sell?

But that is a problem because I haven’t been moving forward as quickly as I could be.  In fact, I was barely moving forward at all.

So that is why I implemented a strategy to start moving forward without having a direction.  Without having a plan.  Without knowing what my niche was or knowing what it was that I was going to sell.  I was just going to head down the road and see where it took me.

For me this was extremely challenging.  It was completely unnatural and extremely uncomfortable.

But it has worked.  I have had to push through this challenge, but have finally come out the other side with my map.  I don’t have a final destination or even know if there is one, but I have a map that is big enough to keep me going.  

And here it is:

“I help existing businesses develop simple strategies that provide them with the focus they need to increase sales and free up the business owner’s valuable time."

And I know that the only way I am going to find more of my map is to continue following the map that I currently have.

So that is exactly what I intend to do.