Thank You


My readers are amazing.  I am so thankful for each of you and all of the support you show me.  You are the motivation for me to continue writing and blogging.

This last week, I put on two seminars in Illinois and was reminded of something: diligence matters more than preparation or even execution. 

When I teach seminars, I get a survey from every attendee. Because of this, I often fret certain seminars more than others.  But I shouldn't.  You see, no matter how much I prepare and plan, or don't, I have found that the level of survey results are always consistent.  Yes, some are great, some are good, and other are outstanding.  But they are never predictable.  

The thing that is predictable, however, is that when I continue to plug away, diligently presenting seminar after seminar, I will eventually hit a home run.

The same is true with my blog.  Some of my posts are exciting.  But others are just informative.  And that is okay as my plan to keep on writing and keep on keeping on because eventually, I will hit a home run that will benefit you.

So I just wanted to personally thank you all for your support.  I appreciate it and I appreciate you.

-Adam Witmer-