Weekly Update #2

This post is my second weekly update where I share with you what I have been up to and what I plan to get done during the next week.  I am actually posting this a day after my first weekly update, but I wanted to do that to make sure i had one update to align with each week of the year - we just finished the second week in January, so this is update #2.

My Week in Review

I had a lot going on this week as I had plenty of energy left over from the holidays:

  • Daily Blog Posts.  I have considered daily blog posts for a while, but decided to finally pull the trigger this week.  It has been alot of work, but I still have a lot of excitement for this task.  I am not sure how long I will do this, but I am hoping daily posts do three things:
    • Help to refine my writing skills.
    • Strengthen my discipline
    • Jumpstart my blog traffic
  • Domain Change Consideration.  I have been wondering for some time if my domain www.businatomy.com is actually holding me back or not.  As I own www.adamwitmer.com, I thought I would send a survey to several of my closest friends and a few business owners.  I expected them to say that “Businatomy” is confusing, forgettable, and hard to spell.  But to my surprise, all but one person said I should keep it.  Some said to also use www.adamwitmer.com, but only one said to get rid of www.businatomy.com. Therefore, I am going to put the idea of changing my domain on the back burner for a while.
  • Mastermind.  I had been involved in a mastermind during 2014, but it came to an end with the start of the new year. Therefore, I started putting a few feelers out there to find another group for 2015.  I know it will probably be a major challenge for me to join one due to my work commitments and travel schedule, but I am going to explore my options.  Or maybe I will start one of my own.
  • Tag Line Help.  I shared in my first Weekly Update that I came up with a new value proposition.  I shared this with a membership group I am part of, and the members absolutely tore it up.  I thought that I was being specific in my value proposition, but i see that I still have a long way to go in narrowing the focus/niche of my site.
  • Consulting Work.  This week I started working on a consulting project with a local entrepreneur.  I have been working on what I call a “strategy consultation” and will be meeting him next week for an interview.  I am also in the process of pitching my services to an out of state company through an old friend who works at the organization.  
  • Facebook Business Page.  I decided that since I am doing daily blog posts, that I probably shouldn’t keep using my personal Facebook page to “spam” my friends with my new posts.  Therefore, I am switching over to using my business page to share my new posts.  I have struggled on determining the best way to promote my posts (personal vs business page), but feel this is a better way.  I still plan to, however, share one or two posts on my personal page.  At least for a while.
  • Strip Search Post.  As a form of communication to let my Facebook friends know my posts will now appear on my fb business page, I decided to use a blog post with a catchy title to get their attention.  My post was called "How I was Strip Searched Because of a Poor Business System."  It was disappointing to not get a single like or comment within the first 48 hours of posting the message on Facebook.  However, I did get just over twenty of my Facebook friends to actually go to the article on my website (per my analytics).

Goals for Next Week

In planning for next week, the following is what I hope to accomplish:

  • Daily Blog Posts.  If I don’t accomplish anything besides this, I will be happy.
  • Mastermind.  I would like to reach out to one or two more individuals to determine if there may be any mastermind groups I could join for 2015.  This was a huge motivator for me in 2014, and I would love to keep something going (schedule permitting).
  • Consulting Work.  I am meeting with a local entrepreneur to conduct an interview for a “strategy consultation.”  Once that is done, I need to create a report with formal recommendations. This will take a fair amount of work and I hope to complete most of the report next week.

A Question For You.

That is all I have to share today.  For the next few weeks (at least) I will provide weekly updates on Sundays, just as I am today.  As I continue on these updates, is there something else you would like me tor share?