Weekly Update #3

This post is my third weekly update where I share with you what I have been up to and what I plan to get done during the next week.  

My Week in Review

I had a lot going on this week in addition to the two day, out-of-state seminar I put on for my day job:

  • Daily Blog Posts.  I was able to keep up daily blog posts again this week.  It has been alot of work, but I still have a lot of excitement for this task.  I am not sure how long I will do this, but I am hoping daily posts do three things:
    • Help to refine my writing skills.
    • Strengthen my discipline
    • Jumpstart my blog traffic
  • Domain Change Consideration.  I shared last week that I had considered changing my domain from www.businatomy.com to www.adamwitmer.com as I fear "Businatomy" is, at best, somewhat confusing.  However, the feedback I have received from friends in the industry has kept me considering keeping my domain for my blog and using www.adamwitmer.com for my speaking/coaching page.  I have decided to sit on this for a while as I can always change it later.
  • Mastermind.  I looked into joining another mastermind, but am having difficulties being able to commit due to my prior day job commitments - I travel and have a fairly demand day job.  
  • Tag Line:  In evaluating my tag line "big business hacks for the small business," I have received some extremely positive and affirming feedback on this.  I am comfortable that this tag line expresses what I do and provides enough intrigue to pull readers in.  Therefore, I plan to keep this tag line for now. 
  • Consulting Work.  I shared last week that I started working on a consulting project with a local entrepreneur.  I had a phone interview with the business owner and finished the first draft of the 18 page report.
  • Facebook Business Page.  I only posted about half of my blog posts to social media due to time constraints.  I didn't get much response from my postings, but the real goal of posing daily is to boost my organic search results over the next few months.
  • One-On-One Meeting.  I had the opportunity to again meet with a good friend who is also building an online Platform.  I found this to again be invaluable and inspiring.  There is nothing more important than surrounding yourself with like-minded people.
  • Web Traffic.  My traffic has still been lower than it was in early December (which was my best month for unique visitors to my site.  I am currently on a pace that will not beat my December results.

Goals for Next Week

In planning for next week, the following is what I hope to accomplish:

  • Daily Blog Posts.  If I don’t accomplish anything besides this, then life is good.
  • Mastermind.  I am considering starting a mastermind group since I am no longer in one and cannot find one to join that works well with my schedule.  This week, I plan to decide to start recruiting fellow entrepreneurs to join the group or to wait for another time.
  • Consulting Work.  I have finished an 18 page draft report for a consulting job for a local entrepreneur.  This week, I plan to finish the report and schedule the exit meeting.

A Question For You.

That is all I have to share today.  For the next few weeks (at least) I will provide weekly updates on Sundays, just as I am today.  As I continue on these updates, is there something else you would like me tor share?