The Three S's of a Healthy Business

One of my core values is to help business owners find the full potential in their businesses.  To do this, I believe that a business must become as healthy as possible.  A healthy business is one that has a steady flow of customers, is able to meet the demand of its customers, and helps the customer have a great user experience.  If a business is lacking in any of these areas, it isn't as healthy as it needs to be.  Is your business equally balanced or could it be healthier than it is today?


Your sales are the nutrition of your business.  The more you feed it the bigger it grows.  The better you feed it, the healthier it becomes.  Sales is the fuel that runs the ship and keeps things going.  Without sales, you don’t have a business.  We teach that the best way to get a steady supply of sales is to create a sales path for your customers to walk down.


Your business systems are the strength of your business. Your systems help you scale up and down.  They help you offer a consistent product.  They ensure continuity regardless of who is doing a specific job.  Systems provide strength, endurance and flexibility. Systems ensure that that business isn't dependent on one person - you.


Service is like the mental health of a business.  Service is how a customer is treated.  It is what makes a customer want to return to a business and to tell their friends about a business.  Service is what makes the process smooth.  It creates a culture for employees who in turn help create loyal customers who return over and over again.