We love small businesses and want to see them THRIVE!

Hi.  We are Adam & Jessica Witmer and we love small businesses.  I (Adam) became interested in supporting small businesses years ago when I was a business student exploring how strategy and innovation could help provide small businesses with a competitive advantage.  Jessica has always had a passion for supporting local industries and it was only natural then that, years later when we were married, we made a commitment to frequent local businesses whenever possible.

As time went on, however, we became increasingly dismayed when many of the businesses and retailers we were supporting struggled to reach their full potential.  Many of these business owners and entrepreneurs were truly experts in their industries, yet they simply did not have time to focus on the business aspects (such as strategy and innovation) of their business.  And so, they were out-competed.  Unfortunately, we saw it time and time again.

By about 2007, Jessica was tired of me expressing my frustration with the lack of resources available for small businesses to succeed.  She encouraged me to focus my energy in a direction that would support small businesses even further.

So, building on my experience as a consultant in the financial services industry, we started working in earnest to develop a channel to distribute tools and resources where business owners could see major advancements in their business with a limited time budget.  And thus, Businatomy.com was born.

This website is the channel we have created to offer tools and other resources to small business owners to support them with the time they have available.  In fact, one of the major focuses of this site is to provide business "hacks" for small business owners.  Hacks are the quick, micro-innovations that, when added together provide for substantial change.

Many of the resources we have created are simply given away as our way of encouraging local businesses to reach their absolute fullest potential.  Our commitment is to serve small businesses by under-girding them with effective tools and resources that help them to truly thrive! 

We are truly grateful that you have stopped by our site and look forward to helping your small business succeed.

-Adam & Jessica Witmer-


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