Adam is by far one of the best, most effective speakers I’ve listened to. His humor and use of examples and stories makes it easier to understand and more “fun” to learn.
Adam is a fantastic speaker with an unlimited resource of knowledge.
Adam’s personal anecdotes were entertaining, yet informative and promoted the lessons intended.

Finding the right speaker for an event can be a challenging task.  A speaker will literally make the event successful, or cause a variety of headaches for the event coordinator.  This is why I never approach two events in the same way.  Each event is going to be different - different demographics, different themes, different timing - even if the speaking topic is the same.

My roots in public speaking go back to junior high when I first tried out for the school play.  I only had a few lines as a lost boy in Peter Pan, but I fell in love with the stage.  I wanted more.  However, there was a problem: I couldn't sing.  An accomplished instrumentalist in my high school jazz band, I was not a singer and there was nothing I could do about it.  Our school produced musicals, so I didn't even try out my first year in high school.  When I finally mustered up the courage to try out, I discovered something interesting; the musicals my school produced had a role which required very little singing.  And the directors recognized this and placed me in these highly important, supporting roles.  But that is as far as my acting career went.

Adam was a great speaker!

Once I entered the professional world, I soon found that I still had a knack for the stage.  But this was different.  I wasn't pretending to be someone I wasn't.  I had the job of communicating complex topics to others in a way they could understand.  At first, I found this to be an extremely challenging task.  The good thing about speaking is that you are able to learn from your experiences, and over time I found that I had a natural ability to put myself in my audiences shoes. 

I loved how Adam put stories that went along with his presentation! I never got lost in what he was trying to teach.

A graduate of the SCORRE Conference, I have had the opportunity of speaking all over the country and in various settings.  From keynote speeches, to training seminars, webinars, or even break-out sessions, I do my best to integrate interesting stories with practical learning.

What to Expect

I understand the importance of hitting a home run on each speech, so you can expect me to be planning for it.  This means that I will want to have a conversation with you about the audience, and your objective for the speech.  We will probably do this through a combination of e-mail and phone conversations.

Adam is like a Jedi!

You will have my personal mobile number so that you can reach out to me with any matter of concern.  My assistant will always be available too, but I want to ensure that you and I are on the same page.  So feel free to contact me.  Communication is the only way to ensuring alignment.

Common Speeches

I give speeches and present seminars on many different topics.  For a listing of all available topics, contact me here.

Adam was very engaging and easily relatable. He offered relevent examples for items that are harder to incorporate into our job positions.

See what attendees are saying about Adam:

I enjoyed Adam’s real life examples!
Adam was very helpful and kept the classroom environment fun for learning
Adam is a great presenter! Very knowledgeable and fantastic at keeping the room’s attention.
Adam used good examples to help us understand. This seminar was very helpful!
Adam has been an instructor for 2 classes I have taken. He is awesome!
The best feature of this program was the instructor!
Adam does a great job giving pertinent examples to help support or clarify the topic being discussed.
Adam did a great job in finding the right balance in facilitating discussions and in covering the material.
Adam is an excellent trainer as he has a great knowledge of the subject and can keep it light and interesting!
Adam is a very good and enjoyable speaker! I really enjoyed the seminar.
Adam is very charismatic! He kept me entertained with his personal stories intermittently throughout the classes.
I love how Adam lightens the mood and draws you back with his life stories and field experience.
I love Adam’s stories that he incorporates into the topics covered.
I thought the presentation was wonderful and very informative!
He kept my attention and taught me a ton of valuable information.
Adam was great! He was very knowledgeable about the subjects discussed and was able to incorporate his own (funny) stories into it.
Adam is great! I really love his stories.
Adam was extremely knowledgable during today’s seminar. He had great examples that we could relate to personally which really helped to understand topics. I would definitely recommend this seminar!
Adam is a great speaker! The seminar was very informative and has great topics.
I really liked Adam’s stories about his family. It really made the seminar much more interesting.
Adam is very detailed and has his own way of helping me understand more information by providing personal examples to better get the point.
Adam is a very interactive speaker and made it interesting to learn.
Adam keeps things moving and interesting!
The stories, case studies, and scenarios that Adam provides were very helpful. He is extremely knowledgable and his presentation was very helpful!
This event exceeded my expectations! I received a lot of takeaways from the content.
I loved Adam’s stories!
Adam’s story telling helped me relate and remember.
Adam kept the audience involved and endured attention to the topic discussed.
I enjoyed the stories Adam told as it kept the class interesting!
Adam was good and his family stories helped make a connection with the audience.
Adam did a wonderful job presenting the content for this conference. He engaged the group and provided real life examples that I believe most could relate to.
Adam was a very informative speaker, who kept us alert by the occasional story. Sometimes you have to add some humor to get the group to wake up, especially after lunch and he was able to keep everyone alert and engaged.
Adam did a great job at explaining the information. There were also many real life examples and case studies that helped make the information more relevant.
Adam did a great job - he’s a natural speaker/teacher.
Adam does a great job of presenting otherwise tedious topics!
Adam is very knowledgeable and his presentation was very informative.
Adam is like a Jedi.
The instructor was excellent!
Adam was great!
Adam Witmer does an excellent job, the program was great!
It was exactly what I needed to hear!
This was the best conference that I have been to!
Adam is a good presenter with vast knowledge on the subject!
Adam did a great job of mixing it up!
Adam Witmer was very good. He makes one of the most dreaded subject entertaining, informative and above all survivable!
I enjoyed the stories Adam told; he kept the class interesting.
Adam did a great job of keeping a tough topic interesting.
Adam did a great job at presentation!
I appreciate that Adam did not go page for page following the manual but instead gave real life examples to make the items hit home.
I have been attending this conference for a number of years and feel that Adam’s instruction provided the best experience by far.
Adam is an excellent speaker - I enjoyed him and could easily comprehend his delivery style.
Adam was entertaining while being informative, which is extremely helpful when dealing with complex topics.
Adam made this class very interesting and I feel eager to dive into areas of our program with confidence in what I should be doing correctly.
Adam explained the material in a “real-world” manner without dictating word-for-word from the manual.
Adam keeps the seminar fun!
Adam presented great tools to help think outside the box and create better procedures!
I really enjoyed the training! Adam kept everyone involved.
Adam kept the class moving, gave good examples, provided excellent materials and funny stories that worked well with the presentations!
Adam is very knowledgeable about everything he teaches!
Adam is good, he keeps it interesting!
Adam does a nice job of inserting humor and related stories!
I appreciate that Adam tied in humor which I felt was great!
Adam is a great speaker with a lot of enthusiasm!
Adam did a great job!
Adam’s additional comments made the seminar so entertaining and the time flies by, especially with such boring material.
Very good seminar and speaker!
Adam had great presentation skills that allowed us to stay focused on the subject. It is a long seminar and Adam made it easy to sit through.
I loved Adam’s wild stories!
Adam was entertaining and well informed!
Great seminar! Adam makes the learning enjoyable with real life stories.
I always enjoy listening to Adam. He does a great job at lecturing and keeping your interest.
I like that Adam mixes in fun family stories during the day. It helps keep everything flowing well.
I love the stories that are told. it keeps the program interesting.
The little stories are always fun to listen to!
Adam is very knowledgeable and personal!
While this topic doesn’t always have a reputation for being “fun”, Adam kept us interested!
Adam was very knowledgeable and kept our attention and answered questions well or gave information to use for the answer.
Adam kept the group interacting and made the content interesting.
Adam was very knowledgeable and engaging.
Great seminar!
Adam makes the seminar interesting and fun! I love the casual atmosphere and how free you feel to ask questions.
Adam kept my attention and had many examples for practical application.
Adam did a great job prompting class interaction and regular breaks helped to refresh my mind going forward to the next session.
Adam kept the day refreshing!
Adam keeps the class informative yet entertaining!
Adam does a very good job at engaging the classroom and referencing ‘real life’ situations that can or may apply to the topic!
Adam makes the seminar entertaining with his jovial personality!
Adam did an amazing job keeping it interesting!
I appreciate that Adam is willing to share personal stories to feel more personable and relatable.
Adam was easy to follow and comprehend. Loved the stories!!
Adam was a wonderful presenter!
Adam was great!
I enjoye the Seminar very much! Very useful informative information was provided. Adam kept us interested in the subject matter.
Adam is a great presenter! Got my money’s worth!
Adam was informative, interesting, engaging, and passionate about his work!
Great seminar! Adam was a very informative and knowledgable presenter!
Adam kept it moving and put the material into perspective on how it applies to me.
Adam is always a delight! He is never monotone and doesn’t just read the materials presented.
Adam explained everything in detail and in an easy to understand way!
I loved Adam’s examples (wish there were even more) and his excitement and energy!
Adam is a wonderful speaker and makes himself accessible during breaks for specific questions outside of group conversations!
Mr. Witmer is an engaging speaker using real world examples to explain complex concepts!
Adam was a great instructor who provides good clarity and great materials!
I always enjoy when Adam presents a seminar. He keeps our interest and has an excellent style of teaching!
Adam is an excellent speaker who is very knowledgable and engaging!
Adam is personable and promotes participation.
Adam was great at keeping everyones attention. i was able to take home valuable information to share with my staff.
Adam makes it interesting! He gives great examples to make the topic much more understandable. He’s actually a great speaker and knows the topics well!
Adam did a great job conveying the material in an informative and lively presentation. Excellent!
Adam is a breath of fresh air! He held my attention!
I enjoyed the dry material because of the speaker!
Adam is a great speaker to keep our attention!
Adam always does an awesome job at keeping material interesting and relevant!
Adam is well spoken and keeps it interesting!
I liked Adam the best! He seemed to keep on topic better and he explained better - not in a monotone voice.
Adam does a great job!
I liked Adam’s stories! It helped me to relate and remember the material.
Adam is a good presenter with a good sense of humor!
Adam is very upbeat!
Adam was great! He made the material interesting and engaged the audience!
Adam was lively and engaging which made the material as exciting as possible.
Adam knew the topics well, moved things along at a good pace, and took time for questions.
Adam has a great sense of humor!
Adam is a great speaker who keeps your interest and has a good sense of humor!
Adam is a great speaker! Kept it interesting and was very funny!
Excellent seminar! Adam did make it fun! He connected to his audience through his stories and examples as well as his knowledge. Thanks Adam!
I love that Adam relates to real life experiences to keep us interested. Adam is a great speaker!
Adam has a wonderful ability to give real life examples - he is great!
Adam used personal examples to make it relatable and entertaining!
Adam kept us entertained! He was easy to understand and informative when explaining things. A very good conference!
Adam was very entertaining and he kept my attention. I liked that he didn’t just read the slides to us, but explained everything in detail.
I liked that Adam gave lots of real world examples. He kept the seminar entertaining. Lots of good information!
Adam was an amazing speaker. I would definitely attend another conference he was speaking at.
I loved Adam’s ability to apply personal examples to any related subject!
I loved Adam’s stories and scenarios that applied to the topic - it will help me to recall for clarification after the seminar and helped me to understand throughout the seminar.
Adam was knowledgable and enthusiastic about the topic. He was able to apply his personal stories to help attendees understand.
Adam makes the seminar fun! He knew his stuff and made you feel comfortable to ask questions.
Adam made the “visual” of the material real and easier to learn this way. He did a great job!
Adam did a great job and I felt I learned a lot in this type of learning environment.
Adam was very relatable and personable!
Adam’s personal stories made the seminar very entertaining and made a lot of the information stick!
I liked how Adam involved the attendees by frequently asking questions throughout the seminar!
The speaker, Adam Witmer, did a fantastic job explaining each topic, answering questions clearly, and making the subjects interesting. Wonderful job!
The speaker Adam Witmer was excellent!
Adam covered all areas so well! He does a great job of keeping our attention and interacting with the students. He gives great examples as well or asks good questions for us to answer. I appreciate all of his efforts to help us learn!
Adam did a good job at keeping our attention with frequent breaks and funny stories! I really enjoyed Adam’s training and he reminds me of Daniel Tosh!
Adam did a great job of using personal stories and experiences to keep us listening and attentive!
Adam is lively and keeps the audiences interest!
Adam does a great job of explaining everything in detail!
Adam was very informative. I appreciated the examples given in speaking so that I could relate the material to actual situations.
Adam is a great speaker, keeps it fun, lively and moving. I always look forward to his seminars!
Adam did a remarkable job presenting the material in a way that was fun and easy to understand!
Adam did a great job keeping the lectures interesting!
Adam was a wonderful presenter!
Adam was interesting and kept the days from being so “drawn out” with the topics.
I always enjoy Adam’s presentation style!
Adam is an excellent presenter! He keeps things interesting!
Adam was a great speaker and gave a great presentation with his very clear explanations.
I love Adam’s enthusiasm to make the discussions more interesting!
Adam made it easy to understand and kept it interesting!
Adam was very knowledgable and explained the topics well!