T-Minus Ten

Businatomy is getting ready for a major makeover.  I have been turning over a few things around here and am excited for you to see what we have.

IPOD Photos Oct - Dec 2012 041.JPG

Last fall, my wife and I had some unwelcome water damage which resulted in a horrible amount of black mold and contamination from sewer water.  We had to tear out the mold and had the kitchen down to the studs and concrete.  It is amazing how a space that you are intimately familiar with can look so different when you tear it apart.  

As I have been working on my concept for Businatomy for years, I felt as if I had mold in the walls.  When I took a good hard look at what I had, I realized that a makeover was necessary.  I needed to evaluate what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to do that.  I completely tore down my business model and have been piecing it back together.  I am happy to say that the new Businatomy is going to be much more functional than the old version I had built.

Sometimes, it takes a little mold in the walls to give us the boost to make things better.