Hack of the Day: Create A Landing Page For Your Friends

How many of your friends support your business?

When I started my photography business more than a decade ago, I was amazed by the support I received from family and friends.  Sure, I offered a great product at a great price, and had a great funnel to get new clients, but the support of friends was amazing.

As I have been building this blog over the last few years, I realized that I did not have that many supporters.  It really wasn't because they didn't want to support me.

It was because I did not ask for support.

So, I recently set up a specific landing page on my website to turn my friends into supporters. The whole purpose of this page is to explain what I do and how my friends can support me.

At the end of the Page, I provide a clear ask and this page has been a fantastic tool for me to introduce my personal acquaintances to what I do and to start them down my sales process.

You can see what my landing page looks like by going to www.businatomy.com/friends.

In what ways could your network help to support your business?

Action item: take a few minutes to create a new webpage that you can direct your personal acquaintances to in order to start them down your sales funnel.  This page should explain what you do, how they can help, you should clearly ask for their support. The page does not have to be perfect, just get it started today.