Hack of the Day: Become Magnetic by Being Remarkable

Are your products so remarkable that customers are naturally drawn to them without any marketing efforts by you?

My family and I have recently started watching a show on Netflix called Man vs Food.  While the show follows a goofy host trying to win eating challenges in restaurants throughout the country, it also features some of the best and most unique restaurants you can find.

Of all of the restaurants featured on the show, there was one that absolutely stuck out.

It was a donut shop.

Yes!  This innovative donut shop has created several unique pastries that attract visitors.  Tons of visitors.  Enough of them to get them featured on the Food Network.

Their signature product is a voodoo doll doughnut – one that contains a body, two arms, and a head with eyes – and it bleeds when stabbed.

This product is completely unforgettable.  

It is hard to not talk about it and share it with friends. It brings customers to the business. It is a purple cow.

Seth Godin talks about remarkable products in his book called Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.  

The idea in the book is that a purple cow would draw significantly more attention then any other animal in fields and fields of cows.

This is what truly remarkable products do: they make your business magnetic.

Do you have a purple cow in your product lineup?

ACTION ITEM: Take a minute to try to identify a purple cow in your industry.  How could you offer a purple cow in your business?