Productivity in the Workplace Series: E-mail Productivity Tips

E-mail can be one of the biggest distractions to a modern business.  Yet, e-mail is one of the most effective forms of communication.  Instead of calling 15 people to fill them in on the same thing, one e-mail can be sent to all of them with a single click.  For this reason, e-mail is one of the most popular forms of communication in the modern business.

But it comes at a price.  A price in the form of a loss of productivity.

As I have currently been writing a series on productivity in the workplace, this article will specifically focus on e-mail productivity and how to save

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Productivity in the Workplace

Early in my working career, I worked in sales in a cubicle environment.  Everyday, I found myself struggling to increase my productivity.  You see, I was in a department that was new and understood that, while our sales were difficult to come by, they were vital to the longevity of our newly developed department.  

Since our department was somewhat of an experiment, there were only about eight of us in total.  This meant that we sat next to one of the more established departments which was a high producer for the company.  The interesting thing about this seating arrangement was that the established department was able to make twice as many sales with less effort than our department.

As I worked on increasing my productivity every day, I watched team members of the established department sit back and often

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