Three Pricing Strategies - The Only Three You'll Ever Need

Pricing is something that every business must consider.  Quickly pricing products without much research or consideration can help to get a product to market in a short period of time.  But pricing is one of the most important elements of a successful business.  And for that reason, pricing should not be a quick, haphazard process - it should be an intentional strategy.

While there are many pricing variations, there are three pricing strategies that provide the foundation for the majority of the others.  As a business owner, you can easily hack your product pricing by following one or more of these three pricing strategies:

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Why Do Prices End in 99? Not (just) what you think

Why do prices end in 99?  It would seem logical to just round them up to the next dollar.  Yet so many businesses forego rounding and price their products to end in 99.  So why is this done?  The answer is not what you think - at least, not only what you think.  

The reason why prices end in 99 is often attributed to

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