Alternative to Yellow Pages: Using Local Keywords

Just a decade ago, most businesses would purchase a space in the Yellow Pages book and just wait for the phone to ring.  They didn’t need an alternative advertising option - Yellow Pages just worked.

Oh how the times have changed.  

Small businesses can no longer just rely on Yellow Pages because 80% of consumers use the internet when they are trying to find a new product or service.

Therefore, small businesses must find an alternative to Yellow Pages.

That alternative is using local keywords on their website.

I was recently reviewing a website for a local fitness company in Indianapolis, IN called Phoenix Fitness and Training.  They have built their brand around the bird, Phoenix and have used it in their logo.  Overall, it is branded very well.

The problem was that when I searched for fitness and training in Indianapolis, they weren’t showing up on the top pages in my search results.  They were, however, showing up higher in some search results when you searched for fitness and training in Phoenix, AZ.

They weren’t using local keywords to help them show up in search engine results.

To ensure a small business is using keywords that local, prospect customers can find, it is important to use local keywords so that geographically relevant prospects can find you.

For example, let’s assume we are a marketing company in Fort Wayne, IN and are wanting to find local prospects who are looking for alternatives to using Yellow Pages.

We could use keywords like:

  • Yellow Pages Alternative Fort Wayne
  • Yellow Pages Alternatives Auburn, IN (neighboring city)
  • Marketing Alternatives in Fort Wayne
  • Local Keyword Strategy Fort Wayne

Action Item: Add two local keywords to your website today featuring neighboring towns and/or various products you offer (e.g. Fort Wayne Basement Painting).