Hack of the Week: Using Keywords on Your Website

Let’s face it.  We live in a digital world; if you don’t have a presence online then you don’t exist.  At least in the eyes of those who are actually searching to buy a product or service that you are offering.

According to Forbes, “consumers report using the internet first (80% of the time) when they need a new product or service, and printed Yellow Pages only second or third (about 50% of the time.)”  

This means that if you are a small business owner, you can no longer...

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Hack of the Day: Hold a Facebook Contest

As I was browsing Facebook yesterday, I saw that a friend of mine had shared a post about a jazz vocalist (Diana Krall) coming to the Embassy Therater in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I live.  

The post was published on Friday afternoon and said that they would be giving away two free tickets on Monday. To get a chance to win the tickets, all I had to do was to like, comment, and share the post about the ticket giveaway - which I did.

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Hack of the Day: Type With Your Voice

When I was in college in the late 1990s, a friend in mine had a challenge - he was a slow-typer.  He’d never learned proper typing technique, so his two-finger method would take hours longer than it needed to.

I remember walking into his room one weekend and seeing him at his computer with a headset. He’d just installed brand-new voice recognition software...

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Hack of the Day: Ask an Existing Customer for a Sale

Could you make a sale today if you wanted to?  I'm not talking about customers coming to you, but rather, could you make a sale by going out and finding one?

Finding a sale on a minutes notice is a very challenging task. I know. I used to have a sales job where I had to do that.  When we would arrive to work in the morning, our boss would occasionally tell us we had to go out and find a new sale that day.  So we would...

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Hack of the Day: Engage Customers Through E-Mail

We all know that it is much easier to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one.  Yet so many businesses leave engagement up to the customer.  The customer comes in on their own, leaves on their own, and comes back on their own.

But many customers are just looking for an excuse to come back.  

They want to be engaged.

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Hack of the Day: Become Magnetic by Being Remarkable

My family and I have recently started watching a show on Netflix called Man vs Food.  While the show follows a goofy host trying to win eating challenges in restaurants throughout the country, it also features some of the best and most unique restaurants you can find.

Of all of the restaurants featured on the show, there was one that absolutely stuck out.  It was a doughnut shop.

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Hack of the Day: Simplify Something Causing Resistance

Has something ever backfired on you because you made it too innovative or too complex?

When I first started my photography business, I wanted to get some excitement going among my friends and various networks.  Since this was before I knew anything about internet marketing, I advertised my new services through a traditional marketing channel: a postcard advertisement.

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Hack of the Day: Negotiate Something at Lunch

I like to think of myself as a decent negotiator.  The reality, however, is that I don't negotiate very often and could easily refine my skills.

A few years back, I needed a new car and was determined to negotiate a great deal. This was the first time I had tried negotiating, so I...

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How To Barter For What You Need

Many cash-strapped small businesses delay investing in much needed repairs, investments, inventory, or even services.  The problem with this is that growth is often slowed when these essential investments are not made.

Fortunately for these small businesses, there is an alternative to paying for these investments.

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How to Use Coupons to Make More Money

The key to effectively using coupons is to understand why they work and then to strategically implement a coupon program.  Without being strategic, you could just be arbitrarily cutting into your margins without understanding the effectiveness of the coupon.  Basically, if you just hand out coupons on every sale you make without having a reason for doing so and without raising your profits, the result is decreased margins and subsequent profits - just like you reduced your prices.

Therefore, it is important to have a strategy behind your coupon program.  Here are six ways you can strategically use coupons to make more money.

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