Vision Casting; An Essential To Leadership

Vision casting is often viewed as the job of the CEO.  Like a head coach, the CEO sets the direction of an organization and then spends a great amount of energy ensuring that their team also understands and works for the vision.  Vision casting, however, isn't limited to CEOs.  Great leadership, regardless of a title or position, involves effective vision casting.

You Are Your Primary Advocate

I once heard an author talking about all of the ideas he gets pitched by non-authors who want him

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How Rules Affect a Corporate Culture

 The corporate culture of an organization is the difference between a great place to work and one that is constantly working to retain good talent.  While the culture of an organization is something that is talked about quite a bit, I am always surprised how many organizations are not pro-actively creating a great culture that cultivates the type of employees they desire.  While corporate culture is usually thought of as a top down initiative, it can be cultivated from within by middle management or even general employees.  The challenge that businesses face is to ensure that the culture being created corresponds to the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the company.

Rules Rules Rules

I was recently talking to a friend that works in a call center environment and we were discussing the rigidness of expectations management has on employees.  Call centers face some unique challenges in that employees must constantly be available to handle the never ending feed of incoming calls.  Therefore, many call centers around the world have a set of defined rules their employees must stay within.  

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