How to Design a Business Model

I recently met a fantastic artist.  Scott Stearman is a sculptor who specializes in bronze work, such as life-size statues and memorials.  The process he goes through to create the end product truly is amazing.  Long story short, Scott actually starts his process with a very small clay model.  This model is then magnified and processed to create a mold for the bronze, which is then finished.  The part of this process that I found most intriguing is that the large finished product is being made from a very small model.  This means that any errors that are made on the model are magnified multiple times when it is enlarged to create the bronze mold.  Having a half inch error on a model can result in a four inch error when the model is magnified to become eight times larger.  

I have found that the same is true with a business model.  If a business does not fully refine their strategy on the small scale, it becomes magnified as the business grows.  This is not always a bad thing, but how much more effective could a business be by being intentional?  If a business model is not intentionally designed, the business will ultimately default on a business model that may, or may not be the most effective model for the business.

Regardless of the size of a business, any business owner can be intentional about the design of their business model by refining four strategies.

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Pricing Hacks in Snow Removal; Innovating your Income Stream

This winter has been brutal.  We have had more snow than the "blizzard of '78," which I have heard about for as long as I can remember.  All kinds of records have been set this year: most snow, coldest days, most school days cancelled.  But one thing I haven't heard about is how all of the trouble this winter has caused can be an opportunity for innovation.  Innovation opportunities always exist, but when we experience something as extreme as this winter was, innovation opportunities are even more present; the extreme amount of snow that we saw this winter has provided a great opportunity for snow removal businesses to hack their pricing models.

The opportunity that exists is based on an innovative best practice from another industry.  Specifically, the hack is to...

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